Research Seminars

Autumn Semester 2021

10 years digging at Bornais. What did we learn? (Professor Niall Sharples, Cardiff University)

Spring Semester 2021

The View from the Valley Floor: the Avebury Landscape and the Cardiff Legacy (Dr Josh Pollard, University of Southampton)

Assembling Past Worlds: Materials, Bodies and Architecture in Neolithic Britain (Dr Oliver Harris, University of Leicester)

Is there really only one Crannog south of Hadrian’s Wall and East of the Irish Sea? Llangorse – a dramatic historical anomaly? (Dr Alan Lane, Cardiff University)

Autumn Semester 2020

The Material Culture of Medieval English Rural Households (Dr Ben Jervis, Cardiff University)

How Should We Teach Fieldwork? Reflections on Future Directions (Dr Andy Seaman, Canterbury Christ Church University)

Cave Excavation and Taphonomy (Dr Rick Peterson, University of Central Lancashire)

The Matter of Megaliths: Exploring Early Neolithic Monuments (Dr Vicki Cummings, University of Central Lancashire)

Material expressions of lordship and loyalty in 13th-century Glamorgan, south Wales (Dr Alice Forward, Cardiff University)