Week of Archaeology

Join us daily from 6-13 June for our online celebrations! Check out the themes below:

6 June 2020: Cardiff Memories

Pictured: Arch Soc Fieldtrip 1977(?)

7 June 2020: Life After Uni

Pictured: alumna Dr Emily Gal

8 June 2020: Experimental Archaeology Day

Pictured: Chainmaille equipment from Phil Parkes

9 June 2020: Archaeological Illustration @ Cardiff

Pictured: Antler combs illustrated and reconstructed by Ian Dennis

10 June 2020: Community Day

Pictured: Dr Jacqui Mulville representing Guerilla Archaeology

11 June 2020: Conservation Takeover

Pictured: MSc Conservation student Shyanne Chen conserving a fabric rosette

12 June 2020: Tiny Talks

Pictured: Dr Richard Madgwick

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