Cardiff Memories

6 June 2020

Welcome to our virtual scrapbook! Can you find any familiar faces? What are some of your favourite memories from your time at Cardiff?

And, please get in touch if you can identify any of the unnamed people in the following photos!

  • Image: Cardiff Castle grounds in preparation for the Cardiff Castle Pageant of 1931, with hundres of people and large tents. The Cardiff Castle Pageant of 1931 was the first major pagaent to be staged in the city since the Great Naitonal Pagean of Wales in 1909. The purpose of the pageant was to raise funds for the Cardiff University Student's Union building, which acted as a war memorial, the movement for the original building having been started by ex-servicement in the years follwoing the First World War when 'they were acutely conscious that there was something lacking'. The five 'episodes' were a mix of tableaux in 'dumb show' and scenes with dialogue. The first episode portrayed the Roman Garrison at Cardiff in 306 AD. The producers were Mrs Cyril Fox and Mr VE Nash Williams.

This page is active and can be updated, so please, get in touch via the comments or email to add your photos and memories!

5 thoughts on “Cardiff Memories”

  1. The Curry Club (Provisional Wing of the Archaeology Society) Annual Lectures of 1976 and 1977 were given by leading archaeologists who diligently followed the brief to pepper their academic presentations with smut. The Club’s committee met irregularly in Indian restaurants, where honorary life membership was bestowed up members who could eat a vindaloo without sweating. I believe Mike Vaughn and Tony Johnston were to blame.

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  2. A wonderful start to the centenary celebrations that has brought back happy memories. The Centenary Team deserve the warmest congratulations for all the work they have put in.
    Sadly there are those no longer with us who played such an important role in the teaching of archaeology at Cardiff and who enriched the lives of us who studied. Heroes indeed.

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  3. love the comments about Mike Jarret, my favourite memory is of him searching out the no smoking sign so that he could light his pipe while sat under it that would be 1988 I think

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