Tiny Talks

12 June 2020

Welcome to the final day of our Week of Archaeology! You can find the links to our ‘talks’ below, or you can head over the blog page where you can scroll through them!

Archaeology’ at Cardiff before ‘Archaeology in Cardiffby Professor James Whitley

Caer Heritage: Walking in Wheeler’s Footsteps by Dr Olly Davis

Mortimer Wheeler and ‘Classical Heritage’ of South Asia by Professor James Hegarty

Pits, pottery, and prehistoric people in southern Romania by Dr Steve Mills

Llangorse: a unique Irish crannog in Viking Age Wales by Dr Alan Lane

Roman Geophysics in South Wales by Dr Tim Young

Ten Years Digging at Bornais: Cardiff in the Western Isles 1995-2004 by Professor Niall Sharples

We Dig Caerau! Cardiff’s Hidden Hillfort and the power of community archaeology by Dr Dave Wyatt (also featured on our Community Day page!)

Did the ancient Egyptians make glass at Amarna? by Professor Paul Nicholson

It’s all about Collaboration by Dr Alice Forward

Precarity, Gender, and Labour in the Medieval Home: an investigation of quern stones by Dr Ben Jervis

Material Cultural Regionalisms in Early Iron Age Thrace by Donald Crystal

SS Great Britain: Innovative conservation underpinned by Cardiff University research by Professor Dave Watkinson

Decoding an Anglo-Saxon Runic Inscription by Professor John Hines and Madeline McLeod

Tiny Beauties! Signatures of Clothing: toggles and fasteners by Tiffany Treadway

Cladh Hallan Tails by Professor Jacqui Mulville

Animals, People, and Power in Ancient Sardinia by Dr Emily Holt

Feasting and Mobility at Stonehenge by Dr Richard Madgwick

Feasting on Royal Renders by Dr Julia Best

How did I get here?! Using taphonomic analysis to understand Neolithic Cave Burials by Eirini Konstantinidi

Kinship analysis in Early Medieval Wales by Ciara Butler

A matter of life and breath! Why air pollution and respiratory disease aren’t just a modern-day problem by Dr Anna Davies-Barrett

Conservation in Practice at Cardiff by Phil Parkes

Mark Lodwick is Living in the Past by Mark Lodwick

Cardiff Archaeology Made my Childhood Dreams Come True by Lisa Backhouse

Guerilla Archaeology and Graphic Design: Identity, Engagement, and Communication by Kirsty Harding

What is the ‘IT’ we conserve? by Professor Jane Henderson

Square Dance: late Neolithic square-in-circle or ‘four-poster’ monuments by Sue Greaney

Stamp Rallies, Sustainability, and Specimens – grey areas and ethical considerations in Archaeological Outreach by Hanna Marie Pageau

Archaeology and STEM in Primary Education by Poppy Hodkinson

Viking Combs Revisited by Ian Dennis

Reflections on Past Lives in the Time of Covid-19 by Professor Emeritus Alasdair Whittle

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